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– Fire Suppression Solutions (FM200, CO2, Inergen etc & Enclosure Integrity Testing)

Renewable Technologies

Design, procurement & Installation of reliable, quality affordable fire internationally accepted fire protection systems sprinkler, fire extinguisher and suppression systems for protecting high-value assets such as data centers, archives, museums, oil and gas facilites, power plants and telecommunication centers. Products and services included FM200 Fire Suppression Systems, Automatic Fire Extinguishers, Inert Gas Fire Suppression, NOVEC […]

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Health, Safety and Environment Policy Statement

We provide premium health care plans and benefits for our staff with a clinic in the region and an on-site trained health personnel. This ensures that staff are in good health, confidence and are acceptably fit at all times to engage in our demanding projects and office administration. Drugs not prescribed, alcohol drinking and smoking […]

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